Saturday, July 14, 2012

To Keep the Good Times Rollin'...

To celebrate my second anniversary of turning 21 and of legal tender, I followed traditional suit and bought myself cotton. Whereas this wasn't for my actual wedding anniversary, I purchased a cotton needlepoint flask from Smathers & Branson. The "Fancy Monogrammed" 6oz Flask is adorned with your last name's initial in bold print placed in between your first and middle initials. A must-have for the alcoholic binge drinking fratdaddy; or more suitably, as a refined man's souvenir, where a country gentleman would keep a hipflask in the pockets of his Barbour during game hunting on a cool Autumn morning, or practically yet, hidden in his Tweed Sportcoat inner chest pocket, taken out only to sneak a few whisks between plays at the Homecoming football game.

Even though it's a preppy practice I don't monogram my clothes. But for a flask that I intend on passing on to my first born son, I wanted a unique family heirloom with our birthright last name shown prominently. "Oh, ABC? This was your grandfather's. And one day it will be yours." I can imagine my eldest explaining to his own little ones. (Btw, ABC is not my actual initials). In the meantime, I look forward to many-a-drunken-tale with this flask.

Priced at $100 each with the engraving, you can get one of Smathers & Branson's pre-illustrated flasks with a design on one side and your initials on the other, or the Block or Fancy Monogrammed flasks, with your initials on both sides. Save this as a meaningful gift to your best man on your true wedding day, to your old man on Father's Day, or to your son on his own 21st birthday.

Drink in high spirits!

I prefer to keep my initials private, but my monogrammed letter colors and background are the same as the stock model on Smathers & Branson's website.


  1. Why are you so obsessed with anonymity?

  2. Yes. But for a truthful answer, I write with a sarcastic and joking manner (i.e. My Porn Stash) directed to the younger generation that some people may not appreciate or understand. Also, I believe having some anonymity allows me to remain open with my opinions and writings, much like TinTin had with TheTrad before he was outed. Lastly, my friends know I enjoy clothing but not to this extent, and I prefer it that way.

    I've had a sitation arise before with my internet persona crossing into the real world and have learned from that. And I have a friend who is currently dealing with a conflict between her online and professional reputation. Perhaps one day I'll reveal myself, or at least my face, but right now I am a graduate student and want to keep my clothing blog hobby and real life separate.

  3. I have no such worries, of course, but broadcasting one's life on the internet has definite perils. I mostly don't worry, because most of my readers are Americans... and I live in Japan. Not exactly like I am easy to stalk.

    1. Cool apartment you have there Kevin...