About College Trad

I've picked up a few things about style, sartorially inclined or otherwise, and would like to relate it to my peers who are in their early to late 20s, in college or freshly graduated and wanting to present themselves in a good light. This blog is marketed towards this group of gentlemen.

College. Trad. I hope the name of my blog doesn't give off an image of specificity or authority. My number one rule in style is that it is always subjective, and so my posts are merely suggestions. It is your job to pick out what you like or don't like. Strong opinions come with the territory and everyone will have differing views. And don't be surprised if I break my own rules; clothes are just clothes at the end of the day.

"Trad" is short for traditional, and in the fashion world it is the older brother of the more popular Preppy style. My preferences heavily favor East-Coast Americana, but I will not pretend I lived through the 1960s or admit I religiously wear tweed jackets to class. My style is not describable by any strict terms and thus hopefully shows a practical balance between classic men's fashion and youthful appearance, which is what every collegiate man should hope to achieve as he steps into the real world.

I will be posting pictures, articles, reviews, or anything else that comes to mind and will be updating regularly, so please follow and keep visiting. I am also open to answering questions on style or general questions about the site.



Originally written January, 2011
Updated March, 2012