Monday, June 11, 2012

Brooks Brothers Costumes for The Great Gatsby

With the recent trailer launch of the upcoming motion picture The Great Gatsby, you may have noticed the exquisite period costumes adorned on Toby and Leo. As it turns out, our favorite trad brand Brooks Brothers collaborated with award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin with over 500 articles of clothing for the big budgeted film. What better clothing outfitter to trust to re-create authentic 1920s outfits, as Brooks Brothers is one of the few brands that may have actually dressed the character Gatsby. (afterall, they celebrated their 100th anniversary before the story even takes place.) F. Scott Fitzgerald himself, a Princeton graduate, would surely be pleased by the film's highly stylized look of the era that gave birth to what we know as prep and trad today. We'll see if the movie can catch the same sartorial presence that then-fashion breakout designer Ralph Lauren made in the Robert Redford 1974 adaption, but as seen in the exclusive story and preview slide show provided by Women's Wear Daily, perhaps the Brethren can indeed spark the return to modern day of handsome Golden Twenties splendor.