Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter on Campus

Since half the country is covered in snow, I thought it would be appropriate to show some winter gear for when your 9am class somehow didn't get canceled.

Overcoat, Shetland sweater, OCBD, tie


Field coat, Wellington boots, Burberry scarf, tweed cap

Technical jacket and shoes

Tweed sportscoat, duck boots

Corduroy pants, more ducks, Kelty jacket
Mountain Hardware technical fleece, brunette hair (love girls in ducks)

And one more to stay warm, nice preppy boots


Sewanee Flickr

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Pea Coat

Turns out pea coats are not just loved by those white people on their Macbooks at Starbucks, but are dearly loved and have been adopted universally as the staple cold weather coat. Like all great trad clothes, the pea coat was cut from an utilitarian and military origin, where American and European sailors used the thick double-breasted coat as early as the 1700s. The original was made from pilot cloth (which lead to the name "p-coat"), had wide lapels to protect the sailor's neck and ears when turned up, and was so heavy that it featured a metal chain for sailors to hang it up to dry on dock.

Today's U.S. Navy pea coats are contracted by Sterlingwear of Boston, which have been making the official naval coat for over 40 years. It has been family-owned for three generations and each coat is made in New England, with quality controlled by the U.S. government. So it is my unbiased opinion that if you're going to buy one single coat that you want to last for ages, buy a pea coat from this company. At full price, their "classic pea coat" costs less than what designers would place them on sale, are a lot more warmer, and you get the satisfaction of buying authenticity and durability. Or alternatively you can earn the full pledged right by standard issue at the Great Lakes station ;)

38°53′39″N 77°1′23″W

How do you wear a pea coat? They are good for casual and semi-formal use. I do not recommend wearing one for formal occasions, especially with a suit or sportsjacket, as the pea coat will not be long enough to cover it and you do not want your suit jacket poking out from underneath. Overcoats and trench coats are a better option in that case. But other than that you can pair it with almost anything. A thermal for a quick car trip, or a chunky fisherman's sweater when it gets below zero. Set yourself apart and get a dark navy coat. The subtle difference is noticeable in a sea of black, pun intended.

Protip: I've always been a fan of what I call the "Harvard Boy" look...yes coined here first. It is my favorite winter outfit for heading to the library. What you need: pea coat, heather gray college or fraternity crewneck sweatshirt, OCBD, baseball cap, +1 point if naturally frayed, +2 points paired with glasses, +3 if you're carrying a Jansport Right Pack, and you win at life if you have a yellow pencil sticking vertically from your cap (jk don't do that unless you are a douche). It's a hard look to describe, but it's a Boston-disheveled-don't-care aesthetic that reflects tradly academic types and their attitudes, as if to say Yes it is damn cold and I need my pea coat for the walk in the foot of snow across the courtyard to Kennedy School to review my cases. It has an early-1990s feel to it, like Brendan Fraser in With Honors (who plays a Harvard boy...) No it is not fashionably correct and this is an instance where I don't follow my own rules. Again, tough to describe and you'll just have to try it one day.

I capped this from a recent Daily Show excerpt. Pretty much exactly what I'm talking about except I'd loose the hood and replace with a crewneck sweater and OCBD. But notice he has a bookbag - the look works best when you're a grad student and it is an instant upgrade from your PJ wearing days when going in for a 12 hours cram session during finals week at the campus library.

Stay warm fellas'.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sewanee: The University of the South

You know that creepy old guy who stalks and takes pictures of sorority girls? Yeah, that's not me, but I am starting a collection of candid pictures from preppy campuses across the country.

First up is Sewanee: The University of the South, a liberal arts college in southeastern Tennessee. This was not a hard decision to make for my first photo essay, as Sewanee is easily one of the finest trad schools in the country, where the daily normal wear consists of chinos and dresses instead of baggy jeans and sweatpants.

Established in 1857, the school has produced 25 Rhodes Scholars and is 32nd on the US & World Report's list of best liberal arts colleges.

Their Alma Mater:

Alma Mater, Sewanee
My Glorious Mother ever be.
I will give my All to Thee
God Bless Thee to Eternity.
Thou canst make me worth the while
O Guide and Shelter me.
And all my life, through Storm and Strife,
My Star Thou'lt be.

Campus. Love the Gothic architecture.



Professors wear those badass robes.
Love the girls in sundresses.
Classy looking professor, classy looking student.
Typical professor: Anglo-Saxon Rim glasses, OCBD, Repp tie. Notice the class is also in robes. Since 1873, students in the Order of Gownsmen have worn academic gowns to class. Some are heritage and passed down from generation to generation.
Robes. Bow tie. Tweed jacket. Nantucket red pants. Boat shoes. Tartan pants on her. So much win! I can critique him further (pants are too long, etc) but I love this picture.Ties. Blazers.Chick in pony dress with popped collar. All for a regular day at class. Awesome.
Moving day for the freshman. Like Father Like Son. Definitely a laxer (lacrosse). College hat, from UVA no less, check. Costa Del Mars, check. Frocket (pocket shirt), check. Critter shorts, check. High top socks with athletic shoes, done and done.
Warm August weather. Beach dress. Short shorts. Critter flip flops. Blond hair. Oh lawd.Orientation. Matching bowtie and pants. Ribbon belt.
Homecoming.GTH shorts. GTH kilts.
Ray Bans (the classics and the party kind).
The good ol' boys. Lots of fun memories I'm sure. Perhaps those two met at a fraternity/sorority mingle?Argyle Vest. Riding Boots.
Stop staring at the girls and look at those 2 kids in the background. They groom 'em young.
Tailgating...fratters unite. Seersucker, croakies, GTH colors, bow ties, pleats (a southern thing), frat hat, hot girls. Rinse and repeat with alcohol.
Digging the emblem surcingle belts.Check out dad. Probably did the same thing back in his day.Wish my school had an equestrian team so I can to stare at the pretty...horses, yeah.
Commencement. Those four years fly by.Getting the last bits of frattin' out of the system.Blue OCBD, green repp, khakis, fratty hairdo. Digging the dude's floral tie and surcingle. Cute girl with pearl earrings.Cuz he's a boss.Hope this recent Sewanee alum doesn't mind if I stole some of his pics. Must've came off a hike, notice the Patagonia trail shorts.
His friends at one last get together. Ties. Blazers. et al
Graduation. Moving up to the big leagues. Plaque belt buckle.
Grandfather, Father, Son. 3 generations of Sewanee Alums.Graduation party. Mom and Dad having a good time. V neck over OCBD and non-distressed jeans, the way a gentleman should dress after hours. Critter belt.
Still partying after 40 years. Van Wilder ain't got nothing on him.


Sewanee Flickr