Thursday, February 9, 2012

Elon University

Elon University is a small selective, private liberal arts institution in Elon, North Carolina. 600 acres of manicured gardens, brick sidewalks, and mature oak trees helps put the campus among the most beautiful in the country. Popular for their business, communications, and their new law school, Elon rose from being a relatively unnoticed regional college to earning a very prestigious reputation in academics and collegiate atmosphere, and thus becoming a popular choice among in-state and out-of-state candidates.

Established in 1889 and with a little over 5000 students, Elon has been recognized as the second best Regional University in the South and the #1 School to Watch in the Country by US News & Report. Elon is also known for its highly ranked study abroad program, with 71% of undergraduates going international at least once during their studies, and forward thinking initiatives, with an emphasis on environmentalism and sustainability.

Alma Mater

Sons of Elon, daughters too,
Bring their praise and homage true.
In thy keeping there will be
Words and deeds to honor thee.
Hearken to the song they're singing,
And the loyalty they're bringing.
Alma Mater, they will cherish thee;
Alma Mater, they will cherish thee.

Proud, the oak trees on thy hill
Offer shade and shadow still
Green the fields around thee lie;
Blue the Carolina sky.
Stately rise thy halls of learning,
Toward their portals we are turning.
Alma Mater, we will cherish thee;
Alma Mater, we will cherish thee.

Elon, ever lead us on
To a bright and happy dawn;
Teach us still to love and pray,
Guide us to a nobler day.
Joyous music lies before us,
Memories to swell the chorus.
Alma Mater, we will cherish thee;
Alma Mater, we will cherish thee.

I have a few friends who attended Elon and was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time on their picturesque campus. From my biased and limited viewpoint, it is a spectacular school and easily the best in the Southeast if you are looking for an elite but homely college. Elon is situated in a small town a stone's throw away from farm fields and industrial railroad tracks, and visiting the charming school grounds the first time is much like stumbling upon a secret flowery clearing in the middle of the forest. This prized oasis attracts many students from the north or west, and noticeably from a middle to upper class background, earning Elon the nickname "Country Club of the South". The Greek Scene is huge and you'll see beautiful faces in preppy rainbow clothing any given day of the week. Dressing up to class is a common occurrence and rarely questioned. To be honest, the atmosphere is almost intimidating if you're not used to such wealth and splendor, but the student body seemed to be made up of cool, intelligent, and well rounded types, despite the "party hard" and snobbish claims.

The school is a model of excellence. It has only become relative in the national spotlight in the past 20 years or so, officially transitioning from a college to a university in 2001. They're constantly improving the gardens and grounds, and just about everywhere I looked were either active or future plans to add Federal architecture styled dormitory and academic facilities. White columns, Charleston shutters, and red brick dominates the landscape.

As you may have guessed, I'm kind of jealous of my friends who attended Elon, most of whom just recently graduated. Elon sadly doesn't offer my choice of study, but my friends enjoyed their time there and a part of me wished I matriculated with them.

Ernest A. Koury Sr. Business Center

Aeriel view

Mosely Student Center

The new Lindner Hall, dedicated in 2010 and is the school's greenest building with LEEDS Gold certification.

Science building.

One of the many tree lined pathways crossing the campus. Elon has impeccably kept lawns and shrubbery.

Just a few of Elon's upcoming projects, a part of their overall strategic plan to having the best campus in the nation. Below are plans for residential areas and adjacent shopping districts. My freshmen dorm at my undergraduate university consisted of a small, white cylinder walled prison cell with mold and a smelly roommate. Elon students get this:

600 bed dorm complex with suites with kitchens, cafes, theaters, study and gathering rooms, and language immersion learning wings. Want to learn and practice Italian? Write in La Casa Italiana in your choice of stay.

Village styled apartments for upperclassmen.

The town of Elon already has a quaint downtown with cute shops and restaurants, but the whole region has experienced huge economic growth similarly experienced in nearby Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina. There is planned technological park underway in neighboring Greensboro, placing the school in a strategic location. In the past 5 years, I've seen numerous shopping districts, neighborhoods, and work districts spruce out tracts of farm land. I fully expect Elon University to keep expanding into the future.

Build it and they will come. A new Autumn semester always brings in the new Class.

Sweet deckers dad.

She'll gain the Freshmen 15. I hope.

Upperclassmen helpers. Khakis may be boring to the untrained eye, but khaki shorts on female legs is a sight welcomed by mine. Better than the usual Nike training shorts.

Preppy gal studying amongst the white columns.

Good looking group of kids. Pearls, Crocodile, Tote, Sperrys, Hunting.
Walking in the corridors, dressed up and looking fancy.
A law student conversing in his Barbour waxed coat.

Future lawyers and there families. Summer dresses. Nice alternating rep tie.
Plaid out.

Talking to the trad professors.
Rainy day in between classes. Her toes may get wet but at least her hair stays dry.
Do I approve of this ensemble? No. But he's trying. Motif belt and paisley pine tie.

There are many leadership and volunteer opportunities available to the students. These guys are giving up time for a construction project.
My favorite sweater, the Patagonia Synchilla Snap T. Glare-protected Okaleys with Southern Tide croakies.

Thought this was pretty cool. Care packages to Afghanistan children.
Elon alum serving and protecting.

Go Phoenix!

Past homecoming winners.
Go to hell.

Speaking of, some Kappa Sig brahs in their pastels. High top socks and trainers, TFM

Christmas shot.

Holiday season calls for candle lit campus.

Holiday party.

Kelly green and ugly Christmas sweater.

Days of yore. Taken circa 1980s. Minus that David Bowie haircut, you'd think it could be taken yesterday.

To make fun of the "Country Club" status, a few upperclassmen years ago started an annual croquet event. An excuse for the GDIs to pop their collars.

Not meant to be taken seriously of course.

Another year gone by. Celebrate in the fountain.

New Servants of the Law.
Jr, Class of 2027.
This handsome couple met in the mail room. Flash forward a few years to their wedding engagement pictures, shot on location at good ol' Maroon and Gold.

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