Monday, February 18, 2013

College Trad has moved!

I started this Blogspot in early 2011, and over the past two years I have had immense pleasure in writing articles and adding new content for your enjoyment. The intent has, and always will be, to educate young men interested in traditional and preppy styled American fashion, and I have appreciated your overwhelming response and feedback.

For this new 2013 year, I have decided to upgrade to my own personal domain and host, where I plan on investing more of my attention and time to offering you, my awesome reader, new original content and features. I hope you like the new website and please pardon any dust as I continue to mold it to your liking.

I've enjoyed my time here on Blogspot but have simply outgrown it for my new direction. For your ease, I have redirected the old articles to the mirrored website. And since this will be my last official post here, please head over to the new home front for all updated content.

As always, thank you for reading.

(Click below to link to the new!)


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