Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Tradmas! '12

Keeping with tradition, my relatives make the pilgrimage to my nearby aunt's house, who is always welcoming of us every year, and whose house happens to be large enough to fit everyone. We spend Christmas Eve attending the afternoon service, eating a hefty warm meal, opening presents, sipping on hot cocoa (or something more spirited for the grown ups), and enjoying each other's company well into the early Christmas morning.

Bulldog outfit. Shaggy, Flap, Slacks, Scarf. Throw in some papa bear Golden Fleece too, and those Waldens while you're at it. It was a chilly rainy evening and went with a trench instead of my planned JPress blazer as my over coat. Although the sweater was plenty warm, I felt naked without a sportcoat or blazer in church for Christmas, as it tends to be one of the better-dressed days out of the calender. At least it was nice to see a good amount of fellow young men in suits or coat and tie. Even a few bowties, with me leading the helm.

My youngest nephew, Jake, and his newest toy. We love to spoil the guy.

After a light slumber, the kids awaken again to unwrap more presents, this time left by Santa. Sadly, I don't get as excited as the little ones do on Christmas morning. Entrance to adulthood has forever robbed me! But its fun to see the lil' hellions run around with their new prizes. Jake particularly enjoyed his set of Avengers.

And we eat another hefty, delicious breakfast meal before heading back home and counting down another 364 days. Brooks University Red Stripe, seasonal D-ring, and Bill's.

Happy Holidays and I wish you a Healthy, Prosperous New Year's!



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  2. Looking good! If only I had one of those sought after shaggy dogs...

    Dark n' Stormies were the drink of the night at my Christmas eve gathering, a favorite among our company. For that night I experimented with a shawl collar tuxedo jacket and tartan combo which was a little over-the-top for the casualness of our gathering, but nevertheless was a source of entertainment for the evening and looked pretty damn good (I thought!). I think sometimes it's good to just have fun with dressing up rather than getting too caught up in the seriousness of it all. I did change however before dinner was served to avoid any disasters that would ruin the vintage garment (1958!)

    I do really like the sweater/bow tie combination though, if only I had a plaid or similar festive design! I am looking forward to similar antics for this coming New Years Eve.

    Thanks for the update, looks like you had a good time!

  3. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for all of your insight on your website. Definitely well done. I was wondering as we have the spring right around the corner if you could do an article on croakies. Whats trad and what is tacky? Also if you could point me in the right direction as to where I could buy good quality for a reasonable price I would appreciate that as well.


  4. @Aaron, got any pics of that aforementioned attire? Would love to see. Thanks for reading!

    @Blogger, thanks very much, and was just thinking about croakies as a subject as well. When it gets warmer and sunnier, look for my post! Country Club Prep offers some pretty cool themed croaks.


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  7. Hey Tony,

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