Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Early Summer, 2012

Ahh summer. Bring on the mosquitoes, the afternoon storms, the crowded beaches, the beating humidity, and the short skirts! Time to rock the pastels and hairy legs.

Casual attire

Brooks Brothers Slim fit gingham sport shirt
Lands End navy surcingle belt
Duck Head shorts, hemmed to 7" inseam
Allen Edmonds Westchester loafers, made in USA
Ray Ban aviators
Seiko 5 watch

Vacation in Charlotte, NC to visit some family. Walking around the mall and dinner afterwards. Went with an ultra fratty outfit, which of course invited some approving glances at the Vineyard Vines store. I normally recommend a navy solid surcingle to ground the loudness of the Fun Shirt, but felt that the neutral navy and white colors of the lacrosse belt was adequate enough while making its own statement. One of the elements of fratty style is to mix-n-match, so I added in the preppy Fun Shirt with the outdoorsey, tech-prep approved Stand Ups along with the formality of the Pennies. Included a back shot of the Stand Ups that show off the short's characteristic back pockets that are cut low to allow easy access.

Brooks Brothers Fun Shirt
Belted Cow Belt
Patagonia Stand-Ups, 7"
Cole Haan penny loafers
Persol Sunglasses with fraternity croakies

 Quick trip to the grocery on a blistering hot afternoon. Down to the bare basics.
American Apparel Solid Tee, made in USA
Ralph Lauren oxford shorts
Sperry boat shoes
American Optical Original Pilot aviators
College cap

Catching a ball game.
Brooks Brothers heather navy slim fit polo
Lands End nanny reds, hemmed to 8"
Sperry boat shoes
Baseball team cap

My older brother was in town this past June and we decided to dress up more than we usually do for his welcoming at our Sunday church service. Brought in those blueberry pants again. The sports coat is borrowed from my brother's garment bag.

Brooks Brothers glen plaid linen sports coat
Brooks Brothers slim fit OCBD, made in USA 2.75" navy knit tie and tie bar
Leatherman Ltd belt
Ralph Lauren Prospect fit chinos
Allen Edmonds Westchester loafers
Persol Sunglasses

Dinner and a movie.
J. Crew Ludlow fit unconstructed cotton sports coat (Rule #10 at work, purchased for less than $50, retails at $150)
J. Crew spread collar dress shirt
Trafalgar Engine Turned Plaque and dark brown calf belt strap
Levis 501 STF
Clarks Desert Boots
American Optical Original Pilot aviators
Hamilton Khaki field watch

Family photo. There appears to be a bulldog on my face. I've said before that my family has pretty much taken up after me in personal style. An example of this is that my mother and brother are wearing their Persol sunglasses (unseen) that I recommended to them. Well...I recommended everything in this photo. Literally everything.
Yours Truely: Brooks Brothers slim fit polo, Volunteer Traditions state belt, Duck Head shorts, Cole Haan penny loafers
Mom: Ralph Lauren dress, Jack Rogers sandals, Louis Vuitton handbag
Eldest Son: Brooks Brothers OCBD, Leatherman Ltd belt, Brooks Brothers Milano fit chinos, Cole Haan tassel loafers, Seiko 5 watch


  1. These are some great Summer looks!
    I really like the casual attire, the fratty attire, and the ball game attire. I don't know if your aware of this but the fellow in the picture in your header is wearing the crest of Phi Gamma Delta (or Fiji). I too am a Fiji and was very pleased to see that. You sir have a great day!

  2. Thank you Mr. Balthrop, and no I didn't know about your fellow brother in my title picture. I got that header from the Sewanee Flickr. Thanks for the insight and keep up the good work on your blog as well!.

  3. Hmm... about the only thing I really have in common with my parents fashion wise is LL Bean. LL Bean everywhere... I mean, they have all the classic items you'd expect... Just pretty much entirely from LL Bean. Whereas I branch out...

  4. Would rather it be LLBean than the mall brands, although my mother likes her Banana Republic and Ann Taylor as well which look nice on her. Still its been fun "guiding" my family to the light!