Friday, March 11, 2011

PSA: 3/12/11

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Winter is finally melting away and the Spring rains will be flowing in soon, so I decided to invest in a new rain jacket for the upcoming wet season. I trust Patagonia (-gucci?) for my technical outerwear and found that their Torrentshell Jacket has very favorable reviews. Usually they retail for $120, but knowing me and my cheap habits I searched for a better deal and I was not disappointed.

6pm has the jacket in mustard (which I actually like and reminds me of the classic yellow "Paddington Bear" coat) in M, L, and XL as well as narwhal grey, channel blue, and purple in odd sizes for only $65.

Mountain High Outfitters is the site I used. I like the bali blue color the most but they unfortunately did not have my size and went with the channel blue instead. But there are lots of color and sizes left plus free shipping for $71. (Mountain High has awesome bargains in general so look back often, I recently saw the Patagonia R4 which usually retails for $250 discounted to only $100).

I always try to check something out in person before buying it online so I stopped by REI the other day and tried the Torrentshell on. It surprisingly fits slim and has fitted sleeves so I would buy true-to-size if you have a regular build. Pretty siked for my jacket to ship in and I hope it performs as well as the hype. Guess we'll see when the April showers come! Act fast on the above deals guys, don't know how long they will last.


  1. Just want to say great blog! For all the Ivy/Preppy/Trad blogs out there, there are almost none that showcase and discuss how young people ACTUALLY dress. Either we're stuck looking at nothing but Yale shots from 1959 or it's basically a series of Polo ads. This post is a perfect example. Rather than talking about some $1,600 Burberry trench few 20-somethings will ever see, much less buy, you examined a practical technical shell and kept thriftiness in mind. Keep up the good work.

    Now a question: As a hiker and hunter, I've done my homework and am in the market for a new everyday fleece (as deals will be available soon). Any thoughts on the Patagonia Retro-X vs. the Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man?

  2. Thank you Shawn and I am sorry for getting back to you late. I love the past but I won't pretend I grew up in the 1960s and remember the glory days, so you're right there aren't enough blogs about current style and that's what I have set out to do with my blog.

    Both seem to be pretty warm and currently the Monkey Man is cheaper at Mountain High Outfitters if cost is an issue. I am partial to Patagonia but have heard great things about Mountain Hardwear. Better than the North Face (lol).