Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Game Day

While rewatching last week's Duke/UNC basketball game on ESPN3 the other day, the camera panned the crowd and I caught the guy pictured below. He has a typical fratty outfit, with the douchey go-to-hell attitude exclaimed by wearing the aviators indoors, but I certainly admire his game day attire.

A lot of people won't understand the tradition of dressing up to sporty events. For most, catching a ball game is the most casual thing you can do besides lying on a lazy river sippin' on a bloody mary. Dressing up to a game is the prep's retort to slobs wearing over-sized jerseys and cheesehead hats. It exudes class and respect for the sport, which feeds into why football games in the south are huge events that one should wear their Sunday best to. But it doesn't necessarily mean you should wear a suit and instead you can opt for fun combinations (i.e. a bow tie in your school's colors). You will see fraternities and sororities dress up at football games, especially schools in the SEC. Another example would be any horse race or golf tournament. College basketball doesn't usually receive the same kind of attention but it's nice to see guys like below pull it off.

Worn-in college block lettering baseball cap, point collared shirt, Duke Blue motif bowtie


  1. Ha I gotta get a bow tie in school colours for game days. Love the look but would never wear sunglasses indoors.

    lol wait... wut? On that bracelet....

  2. Haha the bracelet on his wrist is for ticketing, the other people in the background also had it.